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Monday, April 18, 2005

Listen one…listen all to the greatest 2 hours of music on radio. I, will be playing the latest and all time greatest music you want to hear. It’s a non-format show and anything can happen at any time. From 7-9 the phone line will be open taking all requests of any magnitude. Anything from Hatebreed to Nat King Cole will be played on this show. Call in your requests at the Station phone at 1-212-592-2345 or contact me via aol instant messenger at WSVAradio. Broadcasting from 590 AM or online at Remember you make the show not me.That’s 7-9 WSVA radio

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mark Romanek

In my research for johnny Cash I've come across the director of the music video "hurt" he's done some other famous videos including "Scream" and "Are you gonna go my way" that got Lenny Kravitz on the MAP!

check him out
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